July 2018 Neighborhood Crime Review

Posted: August 14, 2018 in Current News

The data are in, and there’s some mixed news for crime during the month of July 2018.  Crime is down in Forest Park Southeast for the month of July but up overall this year.  See below for some summary stats:

  • 23 Total Crimes
    • This is a 4.17% decrease when compared to July 2017 (24 crimes).
      • There was an increase in assault and decreases in auto theft and larceny.
      • There were 6 crimes against persons in July 2018 (4 assaults and 2 robberies).
      • There were 3 crimes against persons during July 2017 (100% increase).
    • Crime was most common on Friday.
  • There have been 121 total crimes in FPSE so far in 2018.
    • This is a 5.22% increase when compared to this point in 2017. (115 crimes)
      • There were decreases in auto theft, larceny, and robbery, and there was an increase in assault.
      • There have been 42 crimes against persons so far in 2018, compared to 23 in 2017, which is an 82.61% increase.

Click here for a more in depth report of July 2018 crime in FPSE.  This report includes graphs and a map of crimes in the neighborhood.


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