Block Captain

Be A Block Captain


Why are Block Captains Important…

Block Captain Members are neighborhood leaders working to make their communities safe and viable places to live, work and play. By becoming a Block Captain, you can build and strengthen partnerships with neighbors, and other neighborhood stakeholders. Most importantly, as a Block Captain, You will get to know your neighbor’s

Block Captains are…

  • The point person for the block; receives and relays information to and from neighbors and to and from the community at large.
  • A spokesperson for the residents of the block
  • The main communication link between the Community Development Corporation and neighbors.

Block Captains are NOT…

  • An authority in a criminal situation
  • Law enforcement
  • Vigilantes
  • Authorized or encouraged to become physically involved in a crime in progress

Block captain responsibilities…

  • Organize your block unit according to the wishes of the residents
  • Meet your current neighbors
  • Welcome new neighbors
  • Provide neighbors with neighborhood information and resources
  • Share block unit information with Park Central (beautification plans, event plans, etc.)
  • Attend neighborhood meetings ; encourage participation in community events

Interested in joining? Download the Block Captain Application and submit via email within the application, or submit the application to:

Ashley Johnson
4400 Chouteau Avenue
  1. isaacswisher says:

    Send application via email please

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