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Our Block Captains in FPSE help to improve the connections between neighbors and create an environment where neighbors help each other. Listen to our Block Captains and residents as they tell us what it is they love about FPSE and the reasons to become a Block Captain. Join our Block Captains by filling out an application with the link below.

Block Captain Application

You must download the application onto your device, fill it out and then you can submit via email within the application, or mail the application to 4400 Chouteau.


-Dalton Davidson, Safety and Security Intern


Bike Patrols


We are taking a survey to know what type of police-community engagement events you would like to see in FPSE! Click on the link below to be taken to the survey. We appreciate your time and your feedback. For more information on some of the responses follow the links listed below for each response or read the brief description.




National Night Out (NNO): A nationwide event that is based around building ties and strengthening relationships between police and the community. This event can be done many ways, but it usually consists of a block party where police come and enjoy spending time with members of the community. There are usually games, food, and lots of fun. And it’s nationwide!

Coffee with Cops: This event happens many times throughout the year already in St. Louis, but we would like to possibly do a similar one here in FPSE. Police spend their free time and talk informally with citizens, answering questions about their job or just making small talk.

Sports with Cops: A police-hosted community event where police play sports with members of the community to build ties and strengthen relationships with the community.

Community Dialogue: An event where police and the community can have an open conversation about what police do, why they do what they do, and some of the techniques they use on the job.

Also complete our poll on our twitter page by following the link below:






Dalton Davidson, Safety and Security Intern


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We are happy to announce we have just launched a Twitter account to become more accessible on mobile devices. Follow us for quick safety and security updates in FPSE. We will also post our crime tips on this account, so follow us for the latest tips on keeping your belongings, your family, and yourself safe.


— Dalton Davidson, Safety and Security Intern

Become Involved!

Be a block captain

We need FPSE residents to help their community by becoming Block Captains. It is rewarding and important to the community, and with a brand new application process it is quick and easy to apply!

For more information on what it’s like to be a Block Captain in FPSE click here.

Click the link below to apply to be a Block Captain for your block!








-Dalton Davidson, Safety and Security Intern

We would like to thank volunteers, residents, stakeholders and everyone else involved who worked tirelessly to support the efforts of the Special Business District proposal for Forest Park Southeast. Particularly, we want to thank the Forest Park Southeast Committee to Advance Public Safety  for increasing public awareness of the benefits of the Special Business District proposals within the neighborhood.  We would relish the opportunity to hear from both those you voted for and against the initiative, on how to move forward in addressing the neighborhoods’ short and long term safety and security needs.

City of St. Louis Proposition S
Forest Park Southeast Special Business District

Issue Stance Votes Pct
Yes – For the measure 106 38.83%
No – Against the measure 167 61.17%

January 23, 2013 @
4317 Vista – Adams Community Center

FPSE Neighborhood Ownership Model Meeting – 6:00pm

FPSE Safety & Security Forum – 6:30pm

holiday safety tips

You’re invited to a party honoring

Individuals Taking Ownership of Their Neighborhood

Thursday, December 13th, 2012 @ 6pm

Circuit Attorney’s Office
1114 Market Street
St. Louis, MO 63101

Invite: NOM Seasonal Celebration

FPSE Neighborhood Ownership Model Meeting
Wednesday, October 24th @ 6pm – 1117 Tower Grove Ave.

FPSE Neighborhood Safety & Security Forum